Weight Transmitter DAT400

Weight Transmitter DAT400

The DAT400 electronic indicator is mounted inside an electrical panel rail. It is suitable for use in industry in dosing and mixing applications or where the ability to communicate very quickly with PLC, PC, or other weight indicators in a network of industrial specifications is required.

It is certified and legal for commercial use (O.I.M.L., and CE marking).

Basic features

  • It has a waterproof keyboard.
  • Screen technology seven segments 6 digits of 14mm.
  • It has a 24bit A / D. 60,000 visible subdivisions.
  • Digital filter selection from 0.1 to 25Hz.
  • Enter two numerical weight points (set points) for activating or deactivating automation via the keyboard.
  • Two digital outputs & two digital inputs.
  • It has a USB port, RS232 or RS422 / RS485 serial port (ASCII or MODBUS RTU) for connection to a PC or printer.
  • Possibility of theoretical calibration without using standard weights (Suitable for use where it is not possible to place weights on the balance).
  • It has a dosing program: batch-in, batch-out, peak & hold, set points.
  • Ability to connect up to 32 DAT400 indicators to PC or PLC.
  • Optional equipment.
  • Analog output (0-10V, 4-20mA).
  • Connect to Profibus and DeviceNet.
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