Electronic Indicator 3590ΕΤΤ

Electronic Indicator 3590ΕΤΤ
Electronic Indicator 3590ΕΤΤ
Electronic Indicator 3590ΕΤΤ
Electronic Indicator 3590ΕΤΤ

The electronic weight indicator 3590ET has a large touch screen LCD technology. It is freely programmable, ie the user can create any weighing application he wishes without any restrictions! It allows easy display of weighing data as well as the flexibility to adjust the screen according to the needs of each application.

It is suitable for advanced industrial applications, such as for use in the food industry, drug production, quarries, packaging plants, etc.

It has standard bridge applications, axle weighing, part measurement, statistical control of pre-packaged products, material dosing (from 1 to 12 different materials), label issuing applications, etc.

Basic features

  • Indicator of completely stainless steel construction and protection of IP65 from moisture and dust.
  • The 3590ET indicator is a flexible computer of standard specifications with which the user can create any software application without any restrictions, whether it is for weighing application or for any other industrial application.
  • Weighing applications can be created first on a PC, and then transferred to the indicator.
  • It has approvals and certificates from world-renowned organizations and is legal for commercial use.
  • Approved 10,000 subdivisions.
  • It has a 5.7" graphic screen of touch technology (touch) resolution 320X240.
  • Display messages in different languages.
  • It has a waterproof keyboard.
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 different scales / bridges.
  • Connection with digital or analog power cells.
  • The setting as well as the complete configuration of the indicator is done through its keyboard without the need to connect to a PC.
  • It comes standard with two RS232 serial outputs for connection to a printer, PC, PLC, card reader or remote scale.
  • 1 RS232 serial port for connection to a remote monitor, barcode printer, card reader or digital power cell connection.
  • It has a real time clock.
  • Available in table or wall mount.
  • 240VAC power supply or with 12-30VDC power supply.

Optional equipment

  • 1 serial port RS485.
  • 4 digital outputs.
  • 2 digital inputs.
  • Connection with PROFIBUSDP 12Mbps or ModbusTCP for connection with PLC.
  • Wireless WLAN connection card.


  • Bridge construction. Program specially designed for bridge plastics applications with first and second weighings, simple vehicle weighing, tare weight file, customer file, products, balance sheet printing, Sets, connection to printer and PC, etc. The program also provides the ability to connect and control traffic lights, as well as remote display.
  • Tags. Barcode printer label printing program. The configuration of the labels is completely programmable and according to the customer's requirements.
  • Piece Measurement.
  • Product weight control. Program that informs the user if the weighing material is inside, or outside the +/- predefined and programmable weighing scale.
  • Dosage. Program for dosing applications such as filling or emptying materials in slow or fast flow, storage of materials with different dosing parameters.
  • Floor scales. Simple program for connecting to table or floor scales, printing scales or connecting to a PC.
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